Optimizing video files for playback in ArKaos software


How should I format / encode / compress my movies for optimal use with ArKaos software


Video compression selection is an important factor that will influence the result of your performance.
Basically, your choice is going to be influenced by the following factors:

  • The less compression you use, the less your processor has to work for rendering.
  • The more you compress, the less your disk has to transfer data to the computer's RAM.
  • If you use a compression scheme that uses spaced key frames, you will need a lot of computation to go backwards. This type of compression is therefore not appropriate for video scratching.
  • It is important to size your movies according to what your final performance resolution is going to be. If you computer is really fast, use full resolution. If u need smaller files, use half or quarter size.

Good candidates for compression codecs are Photo-JPEG, QT DV, Animation, Sorenson and Cinepac.
If you want to be able to use alpha channels, you will need to use a codec that supports millon+ colours (32 bits). Anitmation seems to be the best so far.