Are the software upgrades free ?


Are the software upgrades free ?


Minor software updates

We frequently release free software updates to fix software bugs, add new MIDI controller templates or even some new features, these are called “minor updates”. To benefit from these updates, no license upgrade is involved; you just have to download the new software installer from our web site and install it on your computer, it will use your previous registration information.

Major software updates

When we release a “major update” with important changes such as a new software interface, new advanced features or extensions we generally charge for an upgrade fee to fund development and require that you get new license codes from your customer account to unlock the new version.

It works the same way if you want to upgrade to a superior license version such as from GrandVJ to GrandVJ XT or from MediaMaster Express to MediaMaster Pro; you have to get a new code to to have access to the extended features of the software.

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